How It Monetises the Reputation You Earn as a Blogger

Your blog doesn’t get going in a week or two. It takes years for you to finally find your feet as a blogger in the cyber world.

For months on end, you keep on posting valuable content created after hours of effort. You interview your audiences, analyse their problems and share stuff that would make their life easier. Gradually, you begin to earn your followers’ trust.

Creating a blog requires something more than hard work. You also have to spend hard cash – for hosting your blog, paying off your staff (if you have hired any) and get paid for your own hard work too. You won’t be able to do it for long unless you get your reward. Most people don’t publish blogs for philanthropy.

Sooner or later, you have to find ways to monetise your blog. Most people would first stabilise their blog and then they would try to monetise it.

CallMe4 is a one-of-a-kind app that monetises your content in unprecedented ways. It enables your readers to call you without knowing your real phone details and, in the process, enables you to earn as well.

Process Really Simple for Bloggers

You set up a preferred time range for your fans to call you. For instance, you may ask them to call you between 4PM-6PM. The app will facilitate calling to you only at the stipulated time. Doing the needful in this case is as simple as setting the alarm time in your phone.

This arrangement will suit you perfectly. Rather than feeling annoyed by incessant calls round the clock, you can allocate a certain time for the same. This enables you to earn without stretching yourself more than you can.

And for Callers Too

Callers can start by installing the app on their smartphones and registering themselves. If they want to call their favourite blogger, all they need to do is to open the app, search for the person, transfer money from Paytm to CallMe4, and make a call.

For instance, if they want to search a blogger by the name of Francis, they will have to do a search with the word ‘francis’ and anyone registered with CallMe4 with the same name will appear in the search list. Once the user clicks on a name, a box will displaying the preferred time for making a call will appear. They caller can make the call at the specific time for as long as they funds in their CallMe4 account. The appropriate amount, depending on the duration of the call, is transferred to the bloggers’ Paytm account.

What Makes CallMe4 Unique

Could you name a service that enables you to make money from calls made by your blog subscribers, even without revealing your real number? This is where CallMe4 stands alone, giving you an extra tool for monetisation, along with your regular tools like AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Apart from making instant money, CallMe4 provides you a way to connect to your audiences at a personal level, which is just not possible with comments. It allows you to assist your audiences in other ways apart from writing and add value to their lives. In the long run, it helps you to get a stronger hold on those who like to follow you.


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