Reputation takes years to build. Cheer up as you now have a brand new way to capitalise on the reputation you may have built on social media over these years. Now that you may have emerged as a successful blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or Tweeter, CallMe4 offers you a proactive tool to monetise the credibility you have built for yourself.
There is something to rejoice for common social media users as well. They get an opportunity to talk in real time with their favourite online celebrities who they have little chance to speak to otherwise. Thanks to CallMe4, they can now converse with them, for as long as they want.
And for as long as they pay!
Yeah. You set a price on CallMe4 for allowing people to talk to you. And people who know your worth will be willing to shell out the required amount. If you have been producing useful content for long and your audiences view you as a reliable person, or you are simply a fashionista with a big doting crowd behind you, their yearning to talk to you will persuade them to pay up.

CallMe4 Concept
The concept of CallMe4 revolves around providing content creators on social media with a platform to talk to their fans/admirers while also monetising the whole process at the same time.
It also serves the end users of content by enabling them to seek answers to their questions or discuss their doubts with those who they have long appreciated. Of course, they could always shoot a message to them, or post a comment beneath their posts, but the celebrity may take their time to reply, or they may simply not reply at all.

How CallMe4 Works for Social Media Personalities You
1. Visit Google play store
2. Search for CallMe4
3. Install the app on your phone
4. Create your CallMe4 ID
5. Create your profile
6. Set the per minute rate
7. Set your availability

And you are ready to monetise the calls made to you.

How You Guide Your Subscribers
Here is how you can guide your subscribers to contact you:

If you own a website
Add the widget provided on the CallMe4 website to your own website and you will begin to receive the call.

If you do not have your website
1. Log in to the CallMe4 website
2. Copy your profile link and paste it on the social media platform where you expect your subscribers to find you; for instance, YouTube, Instagram etc.

How CallMe4 Works for End Users
1. Go to iOS or Google Play Store
2. Search for ‘CallMe4’
3. Download and Install the app
4. Register your profile
5. Add balance to your profile
6. Call your favourite social media personality
7. Start talking