Blogging Issues – What Your Subscribers Get from Calling You

As a blogger, have you ever thought of allowing your audience to make you a direct call? If not, you can do this by simply putting up your phone number on your blog. However, there are two major issues – first, your contact number going public, and second, you not feeling motivated to spend your valuable time talking to people who you may not be knowing personally.

You also need to think how motivated your blog subscribers are to call you. Commenting on blog posts occasionally is totally different from actually pressing the call button. Even if you keep the money factor out, one needs to be spurred enough to make a call.

Why Your Subscribers Will Call You

If you are mulling whether you must give a ‘calling’ facility to your subscribers, you also need to consider what your subscribers get from calling you. There should be strong and compelling reasons for those who subscribe to you to give you a call.

The foremost reason is that a subscriber gets an opportunity to call and talk in person to a bloggerof their choice. Suppose somebody is a food enthusiast and you are an eminent food blogger with an impressive following. Naturally, the person in question will welcome the chance to talk to you. Commenting on your blog posts and exchanging messages with you won’t give them the kind of satisfaction they may be looking for.

Whether you are a prominent writer of a travel blog, or a fashion diva who loves penning their experiences, your subscribers will love talking to you. Calling you will enable them to get the exact answer to the questions that may be lingering in their minds for long. Some may call just for the excitement of talking to a celeb who they like and adore.

Your Side of the Scenario

Now let us consider your apprehensions; first, there will be your hesitation in making your contact number public. No one will like to make their contact details public or else they may start getting calls from any Tom, Dick and Harry.

CallMe4 provides a way out. The app displays a manufactured number to the audience, meaning even when they call, they do not know the actual number of the person they are calling.

Now the second issue – lack of motivation in taking the phone calls of your subscribers. Most of us live a busy life and many a time, it becomes hard to find enough time to talk to one’s own family and friends. So, who will want to make time for a stranger then?

CallMe4 does the trick for you by monetising calls. You get paid for the time you spend talking to your subscribers, every minute of it. This is done by enabling you to set up the rate. For instance, if you want to get paid INR 10 per minute, you can set this rate on CallMe4 after getting yourself registered. Before a subscriber calls you, they would transfer the amount from Paytm to CallMe4. The system will deduct an appropriate amount from the CallMe4 account and transfer it to the blogger.

Final Word

Callme4 proves to be advantageous for both bloggers and their subscribers. The app has filled an open space in the blogosphere, which explains why it has gone up in the popularity charts.


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