How Bloggers’ Finances Have Become Better, Thanks to CallMe4

Your audience adores what you dish out to them. They wait for your next post with a lot of eagerness and you are flooded with comments, so much so that you don’t really have time to answer each of them.

This is the kind of scenario you dreamt of when you started blogging.

Now is the time to take the next step and let your credibility make some money for you.

In fact, this is how it works in the market. You first get a foothold in your field of operation, gain the trust of your audience and then monetise it.

CallMe4 provides you a unique tool to make some cool money. We do it by monetising the calls of your subscribers.

Encourage Your Audience to Call You

Yeah, you encourage your audience to call you. They can make you a direct call to have a discussion, to get accurate answers to the questions they may be having, or just to have the feeling of talking to their favourite social media authority or celebrity.

In case you are an expert in home renovation and someone in your audience wants to have their home renovated, they have the option of making a direct call to you and have all their questions answered in one go. It serves them better compared to commenting on a blog with their questions, or sending you a message. In the absence of an incentive for answering their questions, you may not be really interested in putting in the required time for giving a detailed answer.

You may also be someone known for your sartorial sense and people may be eager to converse with you about the sort of clothes that look better on them. Or they may simply be interested in talking to you without any particular reason.

Get a VoIP Call Displaying a Manufactured Number

CallMe4 provides you a reason to encourage your audience to call you. And you need not mention your real contact number to receive the calls. CallMe4 will stream in a VoIP call with a manufactured number visible on their mobile screen. People will get to call you without actually knowing your number and you will be able to receive their calls without revealing your actual contact details to anyone.

Here is How CallMe4 Works:

  • You and your subscribers install the CallMe4 app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register yourself.
  • You set a per minute call rate on the app.
  • Subscribers transfer money into their CallMe4 account from Paytm, search for the celeb they want to call, and make the call. Money is deducted from their account as per the set rate and transferred to the account of the celebrity.
  • Your subscribers get the opportunity of having a one-on-one chat with the celebrity of their choice, while you are able to earn some bucks for the time you spend talking to them.

CallMe4 has filled a crucial gap in the blogging world, making things better for both you as a blogger as well as your audiences. It provides you a tool, which was not available before, to earn some bucks for all the efforts you put in for creating your blog and nurturing your audience. Your subscribers also get an unprecedented opportunity to have a personalised interaction with you instead of simply leaving comments, which they never know would be answered or not.


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