Why Bloggers Fail to Earn Money from Blogs and How to Set the Wrong Right

Often, people take to blogging with enthusiasm, post a stream of blogs, and generate a good number of subscribers. And then they fail!

90 times out of 100, you can attribute the failure to a blogger’s inability to monetise their blogs efficiently. They have enough subscribers to market whatever they have to offer and yet, they end up shutting shop. They fail to persuade their subscribers to shell out money. Mostly, this happens because they do not diversify when it comes to monetising tools.

Foremost Mistake of Bloggers

A major mistake bloggers make is to try and sell stuffs directly. You can’t do direct selling successfully on a blog simply because people who come to read a blog do not actually come to buy anything. Had they wanted to do so, they would have gone to an online store or a brick-and-mortar shop. They come to read your blog in order to get information. Their trust in you prompts them to turn to your blog when they require some information. You lose that trust when you attempt to sell something in a brazen manner.

As a blogger, to recommend something is fine, but going for hard sell is a recipe for disaster. Through the course of writing your blog, very naturally, you may recommend stuff that you have yourself used to your readers. Even if you may end up making a profit from the sale, that should not be obvious.

Using AdSense Will Be a Mistake

Many bloggers use Google AdSense for making some money, but be mindful that it won’t take you far. AdSense takes your visitors away from your site. Of course, you earn some bucks when someone clicks on AdSense, but you lose on the bigger profit. Suppose a visitor on your site clicks an AdSense ad about a refrigerator and moves on to another site xyz.com only to purchase the same thing there. xyz.com will make the real profit in this case while you earn a pittance.

Using AdSense means losing subscribers and sales. Moreover, getting approved for AdSense too is hard. Ask any blogger and they will tell you how Google hasn’t approved their site for AdSense. You get low cost per click, email support isn’t encouraging, and payments arrive late. AdSense isn’t going to help you sustain your blog if that is your objective.

Other PPC Options

Some bloggers, who don’t get Google’s approval for AdSense, begin using other PPC (pay-per-click) options like Chitika, Clicksor, and Bidvertiser. However, few bloggers have achieved success with these options as well.

Get Paid on Impressions

Then you have CPM (cost-per-impression) advertising, which pays you as per the impressions received and not on a per-click basis. If you enjoy lots of traffic and a high page view per visitor ratio, CPM may probably suit you more.

Advertising Widgets

Relatively new on the scene, advertising widgets are designed to be easily placed onto a website. They display a blend of PPC, text link ads and affiliate programs. Widgets can result in the creation of nature-rich media applications, which can be built with ease and customised.

Sell Ad Space on Blog

You can sell the space available on your site directly to advertisers. The advantage of following this approach is that you can eliminate the role of middlemen and charge what you want. The downside is that you need to set aside enough time to manage the whole process. Moreover, expect advertisers to respond only when you have a lot of traffic.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is quite a successful way of monetising your blog. For instance, if you run a parenting blog, you may research affiliate programs that offer products related to parenting. If someone wants you to advertise their soap for babies, you may write a blog post titled ‘What is the best soap for my baby?’ and at the end of the write-up, you may recommend the affiliate product.

Why CallMe4 is Such a Valuable Addition

And now, there is CallMe4 that will be a valuable addition to the list. The tool will enable your subscribers to make direct calls to you without knowing your real contact number. They will simply install the app in their smartphone, search you, transfer money to their CallMe4 account and make a call on per minute rate that you have set. Your subscribers will get the opportunity to have some quality chat with the blogger of their choice and you will earn some money in the process.

Final Word

Use a blend of monetisation tools on your blog and there is no reason why you would not begin making enough money to keep your blog up and running and make profits as well. Test and see what is working best for your blog and you will soon be in business.


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