CallMe4 is a phone consultation app which connects users to consultants and experts via a direct audio or video call. Seek advice, get personalized assistance or simply, know something new every day from popular social media personalities, celebrities and experts from across the world. Connect directly and get personalized one-to-one attention for all your queries. Also, if you are an expert or are skilled in any domain of your choice, you can register your services and earn by the minute. Sign up! It is FREE to use!

CallMe4 has a solution for everyone You can either interact directly with the experts of your choice or register your services based on your expertise and make money instantly!

We help our users find personalized answers to all their queries by just a single tap on their phones. In addition to prominent personalities from social media platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & more, we have other experts from various walks of life who provide their services on a vast array of topics and are providing personalized assistance to our users daily.

CallMe4 – For Consultants, Celebs, and Social Media Experts

Callme4 is a unique platform for experts, freelancers, service providers and anyone who is looking to monetize their skill sets. CallMe4 creates a new revenue stream for Youtubers, social media celebs, experts, service providers, freelancers and other content creators by allowing one-to-one paid telephone conversations not just with their subscribers and followers but millions of our app users. Hundreds of doctors, lawyers, coaches, tutors, fitness experts, entertainers, freelancers, and other experts are already using the app to generate additional revenue every week. It not only helps them make money but also ensures more subscribers and customer loyalty for them.

Benefits of CallMe4 app

  • Decide the consultation charges and get paid on a per minute basis.
  • Set the time that you want to receive the calls and no one will contact you otherwise.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed as your contact number is not shown to the callers.
  • No sign-up or subscription fees.
  • Fast and secure payouts initiated directly through the app.

How to start using the CallMe4 app to make money?

  • Visit Google Play Store/ App Store
  • Search for CallMe4
  • Download and install the app on your phone
  • Create your CallMe4 ID
  • Create your profile
  • Set the per minute rat and your availability timings

You are ready to monetise your skills now.

CallMe4 – For Users

Expert advice is at the tip of your hands, now! CallMe4 has empowered people to directly contact and seek advice or assistance with any expert, celeb or consultant of their choice.

Simply choose from the vast array of experts on the app from our curated list of all service providers and consultants on our platform. No need for any appointment or any waiting time! You can make quality audio or video (only on Android phones) calls directly and receive personal assistance from famous astrologers, relationship coaches, fashion icons, fitness experts, financial wizards and health specialists and other experts of your choice.

Users can contact the experts by simply searching their CallMe4 ID on the app, which is available to download on both android and iOS devices for FREE. If the expert is available, the user can add money in his app wallet based on the per-minute rates set by the consultant. Once the payment is made, user can click and call the expert directly. It’s that simple!

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We respect the privacy of our users and consultants and hence, we ensure that the conversation is completely a private interaction between the two and no details are shared with anyone.

Benefits of CallMe4 app

  • Make high quality audio or video calls to the experts of your choice.
  • Get expert assistance in any domain – fitness, health, entertainment, education, finance, etc.
  • No need for any appointment or any waiting time to get assistance.
  • No sign-up or subscription fees. You will be charged only for the calls made by you!
  • Simple and secure payment process initiated directly through the app.

How to contact your favourite expert or celeb?

  • Open the Google Playstore/App Store on your phone.
  • Search for ‘CallMe4’.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Register your profile.
  • Add money (to make calls) in your app wallet.
  • Make audio/video calls to your favourite social media celeb.

Please take the time to go through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to see how CallMe4 works.

Callme4 is owned and managed by ________________________, an Indian Company located in Noida with address at: ________________________________. If you have any questions or concern regarding your use of CallMe4, please visit the Contact Us page. Also, feel free to contact us at if you have any question for us.

Download the CallMe4 app now and find all your answers… Instant, Live and Personalized!