6 Proven Tips for Making Your Blog a Successful Content Marketing Platform

Your blog lies at the centre of your content marketing system. As a blogger, your success depends on how well you are able to market your blog. Luckily, you can make your blog itself the primary vehicle of success.

Here are 6 proven tips for turning your blog into a successful content marketing platform:

  1. Build a Strong Foundation

One of the foremost things you need to do to make a strong foundation for your blog is that you must use your own URL. Free hosting options like Blogger or WordPress aren’t recommended if you are serious about your blog. A good option at hand is self-hosted WordPress blog.

Use http://xyz.com rather than http://xyz.wordpress.com.

  1. Know Your Audience

You need to be sure who your audiences are before you begin writing. Using personas will help in creating the right content for your readers. Create a few personas of the people you want to write for so that you have a clear idea about their personalities. You will find it easier to write about someone you know rather than simply writing for a faceless crowd.

In case you want to reach out to distinctly different audiences, you will need to create more than one blog and devise relevant content marketing strategies.

  1. Make a Content Marketing Plan

For strong content, you need to think like magazine editors and brainstorm things like news roundups and interviews. Think about a set of columns that will appear weekly or every other week. Research themes that you will weave your content around. This will provide you with a basic structure for your editorial calendar.

You also need to plan your organisation’s marketing events for a particular calendar year. Along with seasons and holidays, take into account tradeshows and conferences too that matter. Use these events like hooks around which your content will be developed.

  1. Enhance the Efficacy of Your Content

Content creation alone will not be enough to help you meet your objectives. You need to work on enhancing its appeal.

Focus on 3600 promotion of your brand. This means that you need to improve everything ranging from colours, voice, sounds to language and visual representation, and not just text.

To optimise your content for search engines, base your blog posts on pre-determined keyword phrases. Insert internal as well as external links, and mingle appropriate search-friendly text in non-text content.

Easy-to-read content always enjoys more consumption. Use small paragraphs in your content and insert photographs/videos at regular intervals.

  1. Promote Your Content

Promote your content actively in order to reach a large audience. Incorporate the automatic blog content delivery feature into an email list. Share your content across various social media platforms. Use social sharing buttons with blog posts to enable readers to share the content they like. If you have enough budget, you can also use advertising to make your content more visible.

  1. Track Results

Outcome measurement is integral to any business initiative. Plan your metrics and make sure you have integrated the feature to capture the data you require. Analytics helps determine the terms people search for before arriving at your site and learn about the sources they come from. The insights you get will help you in optimising your content, campaigns, channels, timing and influencers.


You may be eager to monetise your blog, but money will come only when you have audiences. Effective content marketing will boost the number of visitors that pay a visit to your blog and subsequently, your opportunities for monetisation too. Herein comes CallMe4, a one-of-a-kind app that enables your blog subscribers to call you without requiring you to reveal your real number and that also pays you for the time that you spend talking to your callers.


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