4 Useful Tactics to Make Your Blog a Hit Among Your Audiences

With a plethora of blogs out there, it is hard to make your blog stand out and stay ahead of competitors. Here are 4 useful tactics to popularise your blog among your target audience:

  1. Network Within Blogging Fraternity

When you are blogging, you cannot shy away from interacting with fellow bloggers. Your success as a blogger partly depends on how good your terms are with your fraternity. If you have maintained good relations with other bloggers, you will find enough mentions and links on other popular blogs, which will help you in getting more visitors.

To persuade others to share your content, you need to produce an excellent write-up, infographic or video that impresses your readers. You also need to share their content and return the favor. Sharing is critical to your success in social media, including blogging. Viral content too needs a few shares from influential users before it starts spreading.

Fraternity networking will also help you in generating quality backlinks for your blog. You can develop relations with bloggers by following them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and regularly giving them your feedback through your comments. You can do a bit of research to find the influential bloggers in your field, and then try and develop a relationship with them.

Bringing your blog to the attention of influencers is an important step towards getting more viewers. If they find a blog post of yours interesting enough, they may include your blog in their list of popular blogs, much to your benefit.

  1. Submit Guest Blog Posts

In recent years, guest blogging has become an effective way to get exposure for your blog. However, many bloggers either ignore this tactic or do it the wrong way. Many regard guest blogging as just a technique for building links, but it is much more than that. When used effectively, guest blogging can help you establish yourself as an authority. Just make sure you create really high quality blogs and don’t overdo the thing.

If you succeed in getting your post published on a highly popular blog such as ShoutMeLoud.com, it would bring in a lot of referral traffic for you along with useful links too.

  1. Optimise Your Blog for Search Engines

The popularity of social media notwithstanding, you’ll ignore search engines at your own peril. As statistics reveal, 60-70% of blog traffic still comes from search engines. It is important that you optimise your blog posts for search engines before publishing them. Before writing, do a thorough keyword analysis to ensure the right keywords are included in the text. Take SEO (search engine optimisation) into consideration while creating headlines and use alt tags in images. You also need to interlink your posts to reduce the bounce rate.

  1. Be Active on Popular Forums

Discussions with successful bloggers will help you strategise for your blog. The right places to have such discussions include forums and community groups. If you are keen on positioning yourself as an industry expert, you need to be present on the popular forums within your niche. You can post your queries on these platforms and give your feedback to others as well. Being active on these forums will help you build a quality network of people who may help you in taking your blog to your audiences.


When these tactics produce results and your blog starts making headway, it will need monetisation. CallMe4 may prove immensely useful at this juncture by enabling you to receive phone calls from your subscribers without revealing your real phone number and earn money in the process. It is a one-of-a-kind application that monetises calls from subscribers and helps you increase your level of interaction as well.


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